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Food startup HanseDeeg receives EXIST startup grant

of Food startup HanseDeeg receives EXIST startup grant | October 23, 2022

HanseDeeg - that's us: Andreas, a business graduate from Greifswald, Kathi, a psychologist, nutritionist and coach from Berlin, and Dinah, a student from Neubrandenburg. Together, we successfully applied for the EXIST start-up grant of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection, which supports innovative technology-oriented start-up projects.

Spread the Scene

by Chuck Henjes | January 7, 2022

The startup scene is much more than the personalities, institutions, startups or actors involved in the startup ecosystem: It is a lifestyle. A lifestyle full of adventures and roller coaster rides, full of self-criticism and explosions of creativity, full of negative and positive feelings during the realization of one's own idea. Full of comrades-in-arms and comrades-in-arms.

In 3 steps to your own start-up website

by Claudius Thelen | December 5, 2021

When you meet an interesting person who might become relevant for you and your startup, you exchange business cards (at least that's how it was often done in the past). A business card contains a compact overview of the most important information about someone - Who is he/she? What does he/she do? How can you contact him/her?

Get off to a successful start with healthy employees!

by Laura Maslo | August 3, 2021

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern wants to be the number 1 health state. But is that even true? And what does it really take to be healthy? 23.5 days per year per employee. Not vacation, no. That is the current level of sick days. In comparison: In Hamburg, for example, it is 15.8 and the national average is 18.4 (iwd 2019). Once again, M-V leads the list of negative examples.

In Greifswald, new startups are taking bioeconomy research topics into implementation

by Chuck Henjes | July 21, 2021

In addition to a strong theoretical focus on bioeconomy topics, Greifswald offers an ever-growing breeding ground for startups in this field. The Gründungswerft would like to bring all partners to one table and network them in the long term in order to contribute to the potential of the location. For this purpose, it is necessary that the needs of founders also become part of regional considerations in the future.

Moors are sexy!

from Moore are sexy! | May 15 2021

What do you actually imagine when you think of a bog? Muddy and swampy soils that pull you into their underbelly. No chance to escape! We may know these eerie imaginings from some movies. All scary myths?

The story behind NOVA - Innovation Campus

by Sophia Hammer | April 25, 2021

Starting a career after graduation is difficult. Especially if you don't know what you really want to do - right? ..and how is it when you study in MV and the opportunities besides your studies are not presented as sexy and easily accessible as in Berlin, Hamburg and co?

#gruenderlexikon - Unicorns/unicorns

by Claudius Thelen | March 11, 2021

They are extremely rare and extremely shy but also admirable and desirable - unicorns. For a long time they were considered a myth, but in recent years more and more of them have appeared... Unicorns are start-up companies with a market valuation, before an IPO or exit, of more than one billion US dollars.

A little more forest please!

from A little more forest please! | March 4, 2021

The first warm rays of sunshine pierce the still wintry cloud cover, luring us out of our home-office caves and we hungrily plunge into nature. A walk in the fresh air in the forest around the corner is a welcome change. It has been proven that a walk in the forest lowers stress hormones and improves the immune system, and it's not for nothing that forest bathing is considered medicine in Japan. But how much do we actually know about the green lungs of our ecosystem?

#startmv 1 - advocado, Vote2Work and hepster

by Claudius Thelen | February 2, 2021

When they hear the term "start-up", most people probably think of places like San Francisco, New York or Shanghai, and indeed these metropolises are global start-up hotspots (Wirtschaftswoche). But even here, in tranquil Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, there are quite a few interesting start-ups.