Get off to a successful start with healthy employees!

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern wants to be the number 1 health state. But is that true at all? And what does it really take to be healthy?

23.5 days per year per employee. Not vacation, no. That is the current level of sick days. In comparison: In Hamburg, for example, it is 15.8 and the national average is 18.4 (iwd 2019). Once again, M-V leads the list of negative examples.

You can quickly calculate for yourself how much loss this means for an employer. Especially in startups, it depends on everyone, if one part of the usually small team is missing, the whole project can sometimes come to a standstill - after all, everyone is irreplaceable with their competencies.

But why do so few do anything for the most important part of any business - its employees? 

Many of these and other questions came to us during our work "on people. We don't even need statistics for that. By means of our own physiotherapy practices and fitness studios in M-V, we were able to witness the problems ourselves time and again. So far, we have done a lot for our own health in our free time - but what about at the workplace? After all, we spend a large part of our time there. 

Poor posture leads to problems even at a young age. Everyone surely also knows what it's like to have a tense neck: Consequences are often headaches and thus limitations in performance. You can't use this, especially in important phases of brainstorming.

Especially getting into an office job after several years of study is not exactly conducive to this. Who likes to admit to suffering from back pain in their early 20s? But that's not the only thing that's severely limiting - psychological stress is also increasing more and more. The pressure of constant accessibility and the flood of information to which we are exposed every day means that we can no longer switch off in our everyday lives. The boundaries are fluid, and who hasn't felt the need to "quickly" get to work on the next presentation in the evening?

What comes to mind first when you think of a healthy workplace?

Let me guess: Ergonomic desk chair, height adjustable desk, a fruit basket and maybe the once a year health day?

All not wrong and certainly a first step in the right direction. But there is so much more to the term occupational health management (OHM for short). 

Our generation wants more than just a secure job and a high salary - 57% of all participants in a survey by verdi would trade salary increases for shorter working hours. This makes it clear that work-life balance is becoming more important than a good salary. Of course, this also includes health-promoting behavior at the workplace. 

The status quo of the health condition of each employee is determined by means of employee surveys and screenings of the physical condition. 

If the measures are to have a lasting effect, an annual plan is then drawn up to suit the company. Here, resilience workshops, active breaks, but also measures with gamification character could be implemented. Of course, all courses can also be offered digitally. A workplace app complements the digital portfolio.

But it's not just the big companies that have an obligation to do something for employee health. 

Did you know that startups also have a legal obligation to keep their employees healthy?

There are three pillars to BGM that everyone should know about:

  1. Occupational safety and health

StartUps are also obliged to carry out a risk assessment, for example. The content is about occupational health and safety, which can be adapted to the needs of a startup by an expert (concept+ for example :P). Adding the topic of health to the daily work routine at an early stage helps to sensitize employees to the topic. 

  • Operational integration management (BEM for short)

Mandatory for employers, voluntary for employees. BEM prescribes "how the incapacity for work can be overcome if possible and with which services or aids renewed incapacity for work can be prevented and the job maintained" (SGB IX).

  • Workplace health promotion (BGF for short)

Voluntary for both sides: BUT there is a tax benefit of €600 per employee per year. So it is worthwhile to take advantage of it. You can view our list of offers here:

Where do we go from here?

The fact that it is not easy, especially in M-V, to reach the companies physically (long distances, many scattered companies, etc.) also presents us with a huge challenge. That's why we are currently working on a solution that also enables location and time-independent live coaching on a website.

If you have any questions or are interested in an exchange around the topic of BGM, we will be happy to be your contact in the future. 

Laura from concept+

In Greifswald, new startups are taking bioeconomy research topics into implementation

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