Bee sting mead

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We have made it our goal to produce the best mead, exclusively with ingredients from the region.

Mead, or also called honey wine, is the legendary drink from the time of the Vikings and the Middle Ages. The fermented honey offers an incredibly wide variety of flavors in its production, which are hardly found on the market. We want to change this!

But what is mead?

Mead is made from a mixture of honey, water, yeast and some naturally cloudy fruit juice, which serves as a flavoring agent and lees. In special fermentation tanks, the yeast splits the sugar of the honey into alcohol and the mead matures in the first phase. After the extraction (the separation of the yeast from the wine), the mead is stored in barrels for several weeks to months to mature. After this procedure, the mead is ready to be bottled or blended.

Mead from Greifswald

We are building a mead cellar in Greifswald, where we produce and serve all kinds of honey wines. We use only resources from the region. We obtain the honey from beekeepers from Greifswald and the surrounding area. Our fruit juices come from Lassan and Rostock and the fermentation utensils from Wriezen. With the help of this supply chain we implement short transport routes and guarantee a high quality of our wine.

We have taken it upon ourselves not to use any colorants, flavorings or preservatives in order to be able to guarantee a pure and natural-tasting wine at all times. This gives each vintage and each

Honey variety its own flavor. Join us with pleasure on our journey to our own winery!