INOVA Protein

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The world's population is growing steadily. Currently, 7.5 billion people live in the world. In 2030, there will already be 8.55 billion people, which means an increase of 12.3%. The problem is that global meat consumption is also increasing.

Our agricultural economy of tomorrow

Meat production requires large amounts of resources and leaves its ecological footprint in the process. Alternative, innovative and resource-saving ways must be found.

As a solution to this problem, INOVA Protein GmbH includes the fully automated production and distribution of flour produced from mealworms. Mealworms offer an outstanding alternative as feed, as well as a meat substitute and food.

Sustainable production - Sustainable protein

Compared to the production of milk, pork, chicken and beef, mealworm production emits significantly lessCO2 , uses less water and requires less land. The targeted mealworm production will be designed responsibly with global resources and will be completely in line with sustainability.

A unique and fully automated production and processing process with the latest technology from the storage industry, a novel biological breeding strategy of mealworms developed at the University of Rostock and their substrate composition are the innovations of INOVA Protein.


INOVA protein revolutionizes the agricultural industry