Ecosystem Map

We offer online retailers a new way of product presentation with our vision of a "multisense shopping platform". 

As a first step on our mission to "make products tangible in online retail" and to provide private users with an online shopping experience across multiple senses, we use the medium of "livestreaming". For this purpose, we developed a platform on which online retailers can hold LIVE and personal sales streams for their products.

In online commerce, the buyer is no longer bound to the "visual sense", but can now also perceive the sounds of the products, as well as the voice of the seller, and even interact with them. The LIVE character of the product streams enables the buyers to get a comprehensive, transparent and unadorned impression of the product.

In addition, the user can get rid of all his questions via our LIVE chat, in order to make a consolidated purchase decision.

This should minimize the chance of incorrect purchases and reduce return rates.

The one-to-many solution of our platform has the advantage for online merchants that they can reach several of their potential customers with only one sales stream and thus not only increase their sales, but also their brand awareness. The simultaneous streaming of many different online merchants on our platform also creates the "downtown effect".

This describes the phenomenon of analog "walk-in customers" in online retail. Users migrate from stream to stream, enabling online retailers to expand their target group or develop a new one. For this purpose, we are developing an independent AI-based analysis tool that online retailers will be able to use in the future.

If online retailers do not have the resources to hold their own sales streams, they can find a suitable influencer via our influencer exchange and send a cooperation request. Cooperations with influencers have also been popular in online retail for several years to increase the reach of their own company.