Locations of our founders’ scene

We aim to transform the entirety of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern into a connected startup hub. Driven individuals from the Gründungswerft organize our association's activities in these locations. Additionally, all startups in MV can become members of the Gründungswerft.

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Region Stralsund & the island of Rügen

Stralsund, with its focus on information technology and mechanical engineering, has become a hotspot for numerous ideas and spin-offs, especially in manufacturing and digital sectors. On Rügen, a vibrant startup scene is also burgeoning, particularly around the ProjectBay site in Lietzow. In Stralsund, the community regularly gathers at Makerport.

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Region Wismar

The exciting Hanseatic city in Northwest Mecklenburg has a vibrant entrepreneurial community and a structured support system. From the university to the InnovationPort in the harbor and coworking spaces, this is a place where companies and startups can thrive!

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Region Schwerin

The state capital is the hub of political decision-making in our federal state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Our direct connection to state politics allows for close and trusting exchanges. A vibrant scene is also emerging.

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Region Rostock

Rostock serves as the growth engine of the startup scene in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania due to its size, diverse university research, and commitment to entrepreneurship.

In Rostock, we closely collaborate with the ZfE (Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Rostock) and the Digital Innovation Center Rostock. The ZfE serves as a network and consulting partner, guiding aspiring startups through the entire process from ideation to investor acquisition.

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Region LUP (Ludwigslust Parchim)

The largest district in Germany is part of the Hamburg metropolitan region, making it an attractive interface for the national startup and entrepreneurial scenes.

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Region Seenplatte "Lake District"

In this wonderful lake district, a young and burgeoning entrepreneurial scene is emerging. Particularly in the numerous coworking spaces, many creative individuals gather and collaborate on new ideas and business models. The local communities are increasingly connecting with the statewide entrepreneurial scene.

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Region Greifswald

Most startups in Greifswald have a connection to the focus areas of bioeconomy and medicine of the research and university hub. Additionally, there are incubators for startups locally, such as Witeno, Sparkasse Vorpommern, and Stapellauf- und StartupNordost. The 'Gründungswerft' was established in 2021 in Greifswald as a registered non-profit association.

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