Experience, networking, feedback, prizes, and media attention: Competitions serve as your ticket into the entrepreneurial scene of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

On this page, we reveal the 6 steps to successfully participate in the state’s startup competitions.

The competitions in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern generally follow a similar structure: There’s a deadline for submitting an application (usually in the form of a project or business plan outline). After that, an internal jury meeting takes place, and if selected, you’ll be invited to pitch. This pitching session often contributes to the jury evaluation. The grand finale is a prize-giving event where you receive your award.

Simply take the components described above and apply to all the competitions.

Getting the Most Out of Competitions: A Quick Guide.

  • Prepare your idea in writing.

    Construct meaningful and reusable text blocks where you succinctly and clearly describe your concept.

    Frequent text blocks include: Title, Executive Summary, concrete description of the business idea, Current status, Target audience, Market situation, Marketing, Financing, Team.

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  • June: Start your competition journey with a local idea contest.

    There’s an idea competition at each university location where you can participate relatively easily – simply filling out a form with the above-mentioned building blocks suffices.

    To participate, please find the location nearest to you in the menu on the left and follow the tips and instructions provided there. Note that local idea contests are often reserved for university members.

    Most local idea contests also organize a free workshop series beforehand – take advantage of this opportunity!

    Rostock Greifswald and Stralsund Wismar
  • July: Utilize your previous experience and participate in the state idea competition.

    After successful participation in the local idea contest, you can join the Rostock state competition.

    Here’s the link to the state idea competition
  • July: Join the Inno-Award (statewide)

    The technology centers in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern sponsor the Inno-Award annually at one of the locations. The award is statewide and industry-independent.

    Here’s the link to the Inno-Award
  • September: Already founded? Then the OZ-Entrepreneur Award is the choice!

    The Ostseezeitung (OZ) honors entrepreneurs in four categories. The categories include Entrepreneur Award, Courage in Self-Employment, Sustainability Award, and Digital Award.

    Here’s the link to the OZ-Entrepreneur Award
  • November: Participate in the State Business Plan Competition

    After participating in at least one of the idea competitions, you’ll have the necessary experience to write a business plan. This is considered essential for all entrepreneurs.

    There’s also a workshop series beforehand for the business plan competition. Additionally, the Gründungswerft community provides further assistance.

    Here’s the link to the State Business Plan Competition