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Sustainable Insulation from the Baltic Sea

Are you seeking sustainable solutions for insulation? We’re redefining environmentally friendly home construction with our innovative and sustainable products.

The Current Scenario

As per the 2020 UNO Environment Programme, the construction industry significantly contributes to environmental strain, accounting for 38% of global CO2 emissions.

Our Solution

Seagrass, often considered a bothersome waste by coastal communities, has been a valuable resource for centuries. Through innovative technologies, our aim is not only to alleviate the burden on communities but also to industrialize this highly sustainable material.

Why Choose Build Blue?

Our seagrass insulation offers numerous advantages for homes and the environment:

  • Regional Production: Supporting the local economy with short supply chains along the coast.
  • Real Alternative: Compliant with modern construction standards in processing and installation.
  • Premium Quality: Meeting insulation and fire safety requirements of contemporary construction.
  • Recyclability: Maximizing resource efficiency through complete recyclability.

About Build Blue

Our mission is to redefine sustainable home construction. As lovers of the coast, seagrass is ingrained in our identity, fueling our passion for eco-conscious building materials. Drawing from our experiences as homeowners, property developers, and craftsmen, we are dedicated to sustainable construction.

Seagrass has historically been utilized for pillows, mattresses, and insulation in home construction. The testing of seagrass processing.

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