CYTOK – hydrogen pirates – A Start-Up from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

  • RostockKurt-Dunkelmann-Straße 2
    18057 Rostock
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We hijack hydrogen and make something out of it!

CYTOK® is a system supplier from Rostock with innovative solutions for sustainable energy supply and energy storage using Power-to-X technology. Our systems achieve highest efficiency through heat and sector coupling. With the process further developed by CYTOK®, emissions are completely avoided. This patented technology has a unique selling proposition in the Power-to-Gas sector and already achieves today’s energy and climate protection goals.

CYTOK® Power-to-Gas Technology


Anyone can produce hydrogen with green electricity – including CYTOK®.

However, the hydrogen pirates “hijack” the hydrogen and combine it with carbon dioxide for easier storage in our catalytic methanation. This produces synthetic methane – green natural gas.

Through this process, known and proven natural gas technologies such as CHP units and condensing boilers can continue to be used. Through our closed CO₂ / methane cycles and modified oxyfuel process, we burn green natural gas completely emission-free!

CYTOK®’s Power-to-Gas technology enables high independence from the energy market and cross-sector energy storage on a large scale.

Emission-free energy self-sufficiency with Power-to-X systems

From planning to execution and maintenance, CYTOK® realizes Power-to-Gas systems that already meet the requirements for a future, more climate-friendly energy supply today.

In the field of building supply, CYTOK® offers sustainable solutions for residential complexes to district concepts as well as for commercial and industrial facilities for a more secure and independent energy supply based on renewable energy sources.

CYTOK®’s energy factories can also supply entire communities and industrial areas with green energy, among other things. In addition, renewable fuels, known as E-Fuels, can be produced for the transport sector.

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