ENTAVA (INOVA Protein) – A Start-Up from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

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The world population is steadily growing. Currently, there are 7.5 billion people worldwide. By 2030, it’s projected to reach 8.55 billion, marking a 12.3% increase. A concerning aspect is the simultaneous rise in global meat consumption.

Our agriculture of tomorrow

Meat production requires vast amounts of resources and leaves a significant ecological footprint. Alternative, innovative, and resource-efficient approaches must be explored.

Addressing this challenge, ENTAVA specializes in the fully automated production and distribution of flour made from mealworms. Mealworms provide an outstanding alternative both as animal feed and as a substitute for meat and food.

Sustainable Production – Sustainable Protein

Compared to the production of milk, pork, chicken, and beef, mealworm production emits significantly less CO2, consumes less water, and requires less land. The intended mealworm production is designed responsibly with global resources in mind and revolves entirely around sustainability.

An unparalleled, fully automated production and processing process utilizing cutting-edge technology from the logistics industry, combined with a pioneering biological breeding strategy developed at the University of Rostock.