MPO Tec – Wallpaper Heater – A Start Up from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

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Introducing the next generation of heating solutions in the form of a revolutionary wallpaper heater that not only exudes style but also delivers warmth in an entirely new way.

The unique low-voltage full heating system not only helps preserve the environment but also creates a comfortable indoor climate.

After years of continuous product development, the company has successfully combined innovative technical ink with large-format printers, resulting in the sustainable and efficient wallpaper heater.

More than just charming, it’s environmentally conscious.

What sets this heater apart is not only its ability to evenly warm spaces but also its eco-friendliness. Utilizing low-voltage not only decreases energy consumption but also minimizes the ecological footprint compared to conventional heating methods.

Thanks to this innovative technology, the wallpaper heater becomes an aesthetic element in any home or office. Seamlessly integrating into interior spaces, it generates warmth precisely where needed without taking up valuable space.

Combat wall mold or issues in older buildings?

The wallpaper heater provides warmth and dryness, preventing mold.

Time-saving installation

This heating solution isn’t just effective; it’s also incredibly easy to install and use. Offering a variety of designs and patterns, the wallpaper heater presents a versatile option to add a personal touch to any room while serving as an efficient heat generator.

The wallpaper heater redefines the future of heating, focusing on sustainability, efficiency, and design. It provides comfortable warmth in every home without compromising on environmental consciousness or functionality. Discover more about this innovative heating solution and its potential for environmentally friendly and stylish room design.

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