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Jobsearch in science, fair(ly) casual 

In science, fixed-term employment contracts are commonplace.

This circumstances not only leads to an average of new application processes every thirty months* but also to the fact that every thirty months hope builds up on the applicants side that their potential will be recognised. For people who experience structural discrimination, this also means recurring exposure to unequal  carreer-opportunities.

The aim of our platform is to make the job search in the scientific field more fair and easy. In addition, we want to increase the efficiency of recruitment on the part of research institutions. The inequality of opportunity that results from a biased application and recruitment process is to be circumvented. In this way, the actual potential of each applicant comes into focus.

This is achieved by bringing applicants and employers together in a targeted manner using an anonymised matching system based on qualifications, skills and personal profile. In concrete terms, this means that we reduce inequality of opportunity, increase the efficiency of the recruitment process and ensure that job offers and applicants really do match.

 Jience offers all employees in the scientific field the opportunity for professional self-development and university institutions the chance to optimally utilise their personnel potential.


*Germany-wide average

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