Artesa – A Start-Up from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Startup ecosystem map

The daily operations in craft businesses can quickly become overwhelming: full order books, frequent changes in plans, and various communication channels.

Employees need to be promptly informed about changes, and management must stay up-to-date.

Simple. Everything. At a Glance.

Our cloud-based, device-independent app enables quick cross-departmental scheduling of orders. The software is modular, supporting companies in order planning, personnel management, time tracking, and documentation. Employees at construction sites and workshops always have all necessary information on their smartphones or tablets. Office-based staff can see who’s working on what and efficiently distribute new assignments among employees. With progress reports and time tracking, everyone involved stays current, identifying shortages early on.

Less time planning, more time on the essentials.

The prototype is ready.

Our software originated from a project at Fraunhofer IGP in Rostock, where three industrial engineers, Marvin Fink, Frederik Schmatz, and Jonas Richter, conducted scientific work. From this collaboration, the startup ‘Artesa’ emerged.

Every day, the prototype is refined with our pilot customer, a regional staircase manufacturer, and adjusted to suit other trades’ requirements. Currently, we’re supported by the EXIST startup grant. For our budding company, we’re seeking additional interested customers and advocates who share our motivation to digitally transform craftsmanship sustainably and meaningfully.