COLD­PLAS­MA­TECH – A StartUp from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

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We approach the treatment of chronic wounds in a significantly different manner.

Our approach involves considering the wounds of our patients as unique and seeing the person behind the injury along with their story. Our goal is to provide hope by revitalizing chronic and stagnant wounds. Our method of wound healing relies not on gold but on CPT Coldplasma.

Product wit hfounder Carsten Mahrenholz, European Institute of Innovation and Technology

About the Product

Potential closure of wounds within a short treatment period

Elimination of pathogens in wounds (including multidrug-resistant organisms such as MRSA).

Simple, swift, and painless application. Reimbursable upon request (prior recommendation to submit a cost reimbursement application).

Innovative, forward-thinking product with straightforward application.