Founders Update #18: How an Innovative Bandage Revolutionizes an Entire Market

Before the innovation from Greifswald, wound healing was primarily one thing: a profitable business for established manufacturers.

For many of us, wounds may be an annoying but at least short-term issue. However, for many people, skin injuries are the opposite: prolonged, painful, and disruptive to their lives. Particularly, millions of elderly individuals suffer from the high care demands triggered by the treatment of chronic wounds.

Just in hospitals, let’s look at the numbers related to wounds: 16 million surgical procedures, 800,000 infections with multidrug-resistant bacteria, €3 billion in treatment costs.

And when we’re talking about millions of people, we can confidently say something provocative: a thriving business has emerged here. And the actual healing is not always the primary focus.

A startup from Greifswald is set to change it all.

COLDPLASMATECH GmbH specializes in the development of medical innovations in the field of plasma medicine, particularly for the treatment of chronic and infected wounds. The company’s products achieve significantly higher wound healing in a shorter time.

The gain in quality of life for patients and the reduction of costs for the healthcare system are substantial.

The establishment of an eco and supply system is also essential.

With a network of 40 audited treatment and study centers throughout Germany, the company has secured a strong position in the market. These centers enable the provision of comprehensive and coherent patient care.

Founder Carsten Mahrenholz takes care.

Furthermore, COLDPLASMATECH is expanding its activities by partnering with clinics to cover the entire patient journey, ensuring a seamless and effective treatment process. Chronic wounds pose a significant medical and economic challenge. Medically, they are challenging to treat as they often heal slowly and are susceptible to infections, further delaying the healing process.

Costs and Quality of Life: Win-Win

Economically, they incur high healthcare costs due to long-term treatments, frequent doctor visits, and the need for specialized care products. Infections, especially with multidrug-resistant pathogens, are also problematic. These pathogens are resistant to several types of antibiotics, complicating the treatment of infections significantly. They can lead to extended hospital stays, higher treatment costs, and, in the worst case, severe complications.

In wound care, this is particularly problematic as chronic wounds provide an ideal environment for such infections.

COLDPLASMATECH’s solution is size- and depth-independent and can close even infected and long-standing wounds. The company aims to transform wound care from mere maintenance to a healing-oriented treatment, making it disruptive in the industry.

Carsten Mahrenzholz, founder of Coldplasmatech

Founder’s note

Entrepreneurially, I find the philosophy of “kintsugi” inspiring. The art of repairing something broken with liquid gold and turning it into something special. This approach works with our patients (except that we work with Coldplasma here), as well as with all the challenges that come our way. When seeking solutions that not only eliminate a problem but also open up a completely new opportunity, one eventually finds joy in problems that propel them forward.

A second thought is for entrepreneurs to engage prospectively with potentials rather than retrospectively surrounding themselves with past achievements. This is also one of the significant points for (support) policies and the ecosystem of young companies in the country.

Milestones, Achievements, and Challenges

Every restored individual is a success! With over 4700 successful treatments, our team of twenty looks back on many successful moments in recent years. But this is just the beginning.

In addition to awards such as the Public Value Award from Ernst & Young, the German Innovation Award, and the Bavarian Innovation Award, it is particularly the people and stories behind the patients that drive us. And success gives us momentum.

Next on the agenda are additional international markets and a significant funding round to accelerate the process.

Question 1: What, from your perspective, is particularly thriving in the startup scene in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern?

The spirit.

Question 2: What do you wish for the future?

More focus from the region on supporting young companies and less emphasis on relocation policies.

Question 3: How did you discover the startup incubator (Gründungswerft)?

Through Chuck.

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