Founders Update #20: Food quickly delivered straight to your home, even here on the coast – foodpipe.

It feels like every supermarket chain has its delivery service – the startup from Greifswald aims to unify this and make it recognizable on a national level.

For many people, traditional shopping can be physically demanding or simply doesn’t fit into their busy lives. This is especially true for working professionals and families with tight schedules, as well as for older or physically restricted individuals, for whom it can pose a real challenge.


foodpipe addresses this problem by providing customers with the option to digitally complete their shopping through the foodpipe platform and have their desired groceries conveniently delivered to their homes.

Additionally, the platform utilizes AI technologies to tailor the shopping process to the individual needs of customers, saving time and effort.

What’s the shoe?

foodpipe revolutionizes grocery shopping by not only taking care of the delivery but also simplifying the planning phase of shopping. The specific goal is to streamline the entire shopping process so that customers can complete their entire weekly shopping with just a few clicks. By providing intelligent suggestions based on individual preferences and past purchases, foodpipe eliminates the need to think about the shopping list.

This unique convenience goes beyond the performance of traditional grocery delivery services. While grocery delivery services are trendy, they often struggle with profitability. So, how does foodpipe make money?

foodpipe generates revenue by purchasing groceries from supermarkets at discounted rates and charging delivery fees to customers. Compared to well-known just-in-time delivery services like gorillas or Flink, the startup delivers bundled orders the next day, starting in the morning and within a fixed time window. This principle is not only very customer-friendly but also economically sustainable.

While foodpipe is established in Greifswald, what’s next? What are the current challenges?

Currently, the company is growing and expanding to Rostock. The necessary structural expansion of the startup is both a challenge and a gladly accepted task for the energetic team.

To reach the next stage of growth, foodpipe faces several important tasks. Expanding partnerships with local supermarkets and extending the delivery area are crucial steps to reach a larger audience. This requires a stronger logistical infrastructure and efficient delivery processes.

The friendly team of foodpipe at the award ceremony of the business plan competition.

In addition, foodpipe needs to further develop its technological expertise, particularly in the field of AI. The individual customization of the shopping process for each customer requires advanced technologies and continuous improvement of algorithms to provide customers with real added value.

That’s how work is done.

To remain financially sustainable, it’s important to diversify revenue streams and potentially introduce new services or premium offerings that can generate additional income.

Ivan Shabo, founder of foodpipe

Founders Note

Overall, I see the growth and structural expansion of foodpipe as an exciting challenge that I, as an entrepreneur, am eager to tackle in order to advance and simplify our mission of grocery shopping for our customers successfully.

Question 1: What do you see as particularly successful in the startup scene in MV?

The Gründungswerft are very active, and your message is very clear!

Question 2: What do you wish for the future?

More investors at events 😉

Question 3: How did you find your way to the startup dock?


If you had a vision for the startup scene in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, what would it be?

Everyone can start a business!