Founders Update #22: Knowledge and experiences at your fingertips in seconds within your company. Anytime, anywhere – EINO.

Real-time Onboarding: Revolutionize the onboarding of a new employee within 30 days with EINO, while simultaneously reducing associated costs by up to 50%.

Most entrepreneurs dread hiring new employees. Thoughts arise like: “This is going to take forever.”, “Can I even afford this?”, “If Martina trains the new guy, Florian, who will take over Martina’s tasks?”, “Piotr is super diligent and committed, but barely speaks German. How is he supposed to understand the technical aspects if a foreign language is making his life difficult?”

These are legitimate concerns that entrepreneurs have.

End the headache! EINO – knowledge management software solves these problems.

Especially in sectors like gastronomy, hospitality, agriculture, and care, productivity can be massively increased through the use of EINO.

By storing knowledge and years of experience, it can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. Whether as audio, video, URL, document – or any combination thereof. Simple and lightning-fast. Moreover, like searching on Google, you can find the needle in your digital haystack in no time. The major advantage: You search exclusively within the knowledge world you need without having to filter information for hours. Share your knowledge with employees, customers, or the rest of the world. Either pinpoint precise as a single item or structured and bundled together.

Onboarding has never been easier! With EINO, you finally bring your new employee up to speed at the speed of light and transform them into a skilled worker.

The digital revolution in the onboarding process is not just a change, but a giant leap for companies. It allows new hires and career changers to be integrated as seamlessly as if they had always been part of the team.

Current Milestones and Challenges

Now, after two and a half years of concept and programming work, we are introducing our revolutionary software into various markets and receiving valuable and appreciative feedback at every presentation. We are particularly pleased that international markets such as the USA and India are taking notice of us and that we are also receiving feedback from there, acknowledging that we have developed an innovative and promising solution for internal knowledge transfer. AND…the special features are still under development.

Our Personal Statement

We are changing the way onboarding is done and showing you how you can automatically train your employees in real time. By using QR codes and modern calendar functions to provide knowledge in real time, we are revolutionizing the onboarding of new employees. We have developed software that allows you to transfer your company’s knowledge to new employees in real time, so they can work independently and standardized from day one.

Question 1: From your perspective, what is going particularly well in the startup scene in MV?

People know and support each other – like in a well-functioning family.

Question 2: What are your hopes for the future?

Don’t create an island! Bring innovation as input into the community and show innovators where we stand and what we are especially good at.

Question 3: How did you find your way to the founding shipyard?

If you visit networks in MV, you can’t miss the founding shipyard. Combined with good reviews and personal experience – a “must do”!

Your Vision for Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

No matter where you start a company or are a startup in Germany – you know about the founding shipyard MV.

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