EINO World GmbH – A Start-Up from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

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Where Google and ChatGPT can’t help…

… that’s where we start! With EINO!

EINO World GmbH not only protects businesses from total breakdowns but also helps when there’s a sudden absence of an employee and no one knows what to do!

For precisely this scenario, our company based in Bentwisch near Rostock has created the clever, smart digital solution EINO for SMEs. It assists in securing and locating the most crucial resource in companies, digitally – knowledge & know-how!

The situation is as follows:
The company’s top employee, who always has the latest ideas and is knowledgeable about everything within the company, suddenly has an accident. She’s hospitalized, and no one else knows how to proceed with the current project because this information is solely held by her. This is not just tragic but could also pose a real problem for the business. This is precisely where EINO comes into play!

EINO - Digitaler Wissenstransfer

Save New Ideas Directly

Our aim is to make all valuable knowledge within the company easily accessible and digitally secure because it’s among the most valuable resources.

Here’s how it works: Complex work processes or even simple tasks like descaling the office coffee machine can be filmed with a mobile phone and uploaded to the secure cloud storage using the EINO app. The video can be combined with other forms of knowledge storage – audio files, photos, documents, notes, URLs, etc. – and then tagged with the most relevant keywords. With this knowledge, companies can not only be protected from complete breakdowns but can also define quality standards in a straightforward and modern manner. Repeated inquiries cease, everything becomes more efficient – and, importantly, new ideas with innovation potential no longer disappear into oblivion.

And what are the advantages of EINO?

… returning to the example: For instance, a QR code can be placed on the coffee machine. The new apprentice scans it, directly accesses the know-how, and instantly knows what to do.

But what other advantages does EINO offer? After all, there are already solutions like Google Drive, Evernote, and other cloud-based solutions to secure knowledge and make it accessible to others.

EINO is german alternative.. and more focused.

EINO - Digitaler Wissenstransfer
EINO - Digitaler Wissenstransfer

Besides numerous technical refinements, EINO primarily holds the significant advantage of not having servers situated, as often seen, in America, but rather located directly at the internet high-performance hub in Frankfurt am Main. We meet stringent requirements of GDPR and other security guidelines. Particularly for many companies, this aspect is crucial when it comes to internal knowledge management! Additionally, services like Evernote, OneNote, Notion, etc., tend to be more text-oriented (as the term ‘Note’ suggests) – whereas with EINO, we equip companies to share knowledge not only through traditional methods but also via images or videos. We guide our customers to understand that not every explanation needs to be lengthy.

The app has been available since 2022. Initial clients from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and several other federal states have already been successfully using EINO. For instance, Dr. Ronald Heinze, a dentist from Schwerin, for whom the integration of any company-specific information with customized QR codes has been a genuine game-changer.

„EINO is an incredibly inspiring and easy-to-use tool that allows me to document and pass on my 35 years of experience in a very simple and practical manner.“

– Dentist Peter Hirschfeld from Jever

By 2025, the goal is for EINO to become the market leader in the field of knowledge transfer tools, at least for small and medium-sized businesses in Germany.

We plan to expand to other countries starting in 2024.

Looking ahead to the near future, the advancement of artificial intelligence will leave its positive impact on EINO’s functionalities. In the coming months, it will be possible for videos to be automatically translated upon request. This groundbreaking feature will greatly simplify processes for businesses highly reliant on foreign labor (e.g., agricultural enterprises).

Knowledge is the new currency. Invest in knowledge transfer now!