Founders Update #17: Gnocchi, Hash Browns, and Mash. Packed with carbohydrates? Not with LowCa.

Potato Products 2.0 from LowCa: The first healthy alternative to highly processed potato products like mashed potatoes and gnocchi, which consist almost exclusively of carbohydrates and induce strong blood sugar and insulin responses.

Innovation in the food sector: The startup from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern produces low-calorie, low-carbohydrate potato products with high protein content based on potato fibers (the fiber of the potato).

The highlight: Not only does the nutritional profile impress, but LowCa’s products also stand out in terms of taste, even though the potato fibers used are typically considered waste in large-scale industrial potato processing.

In addition to the health aspect, the startup is creating an additional link in the value chain, contributing to the sustainability of potato processing.

The compelling result is a vegan product in organic quality, suitable for any dietary lifestyle, and sustainably packaged.

Typical potato products

Currently, the team is focused on establishing distribution and exclusively sells the products online. The positive trend in the “E-Food” future market is particularly significant, as an increasing number of people are opting to order their groceries online.

Following the powdered mixtures, the product range is set to expand to include convenience and frozen products. To support this expansion, LowCa is enhancing its production infrastructure.

Current Challenges and Opportunities:

  1. Further Product Development: Exploring additional product development opportunities for powdered mixtures, including croquettes, nutrient-rich chips, and potato bread.
  2. Implementation of Inventory Management System: Implementing an inventory management system to enhance operational efficiency and exploring additional distribution channels such as Amazon.
  3. Enhancing Market Readiness for Wholesale and Retail: Improving readiness for both wholesale and retail markets, along with establishing collaborations with major online retailers specializing in Low Carb and Keto products.
  4. Transition from Summer Pause to Peak Business Season: After a successful market entry and the gradual end of the summer pause (common in the healthy food industry during vacation times), gearing up for the peak business season with a focus on marketing strategies, including AI-based SEO and Social Media.
  5. Application for the Next Season of “Die Höhle der Löwen” (German version of Shark Tank): Pursuing an application for the upcoming season of the entrepreneurial TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen” (german equivalent to “The Shark Tank”) to potentially secure investment and exposure for the business.

About the team

The team led by Andreas and Lisa Moll, along with Katharina Ambrosius, oversees business management, product development, strategy, shop operations, and marketing. The team utilizes AI-supported processes, particularly in marketing, to reach larger segments of the target audience.

The Team LowCa
Andreas and Lisa Moll

Founders’ Note

Following the successful market launch of our initial five products, which address both ecological and social aspects of sustainability, our focus now shifts to making the foundation financially viable and thus economically sustainable through the further development of our idea and various marketing initiatives.

Question 1: What, from your perspective, is particularly successful in the startup scene in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MV)?

As a rural state, resources and the startup scene are spread across the entire region. However, in contrast to hotspots like Berlin, this also provides greater visibility and the opportunity to develop ideas initially based on the location and then leverage the full support of the entire state before, during, and after founding.

Question 2: What do you wish for the future?

The competence centers at each main location could collaborate even more effectively in supporting high-quality startup ideas. The Gründungswerft (startup incubator) could be the crucial factor for this.

Question 3: How did you discover the Gründungswerft?

After spending the summer of 2021 with numerous brainstorming sessions about our idea, the business plan competition seemed like the right time to present our idea and become part of the Gründungswerft.

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