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Matti Glatte

Matti Glatte is a co-founder of Gründungswerft e. V., board member for Sustainability and Innovations, and the initiator of the EcoFounders initiative.

As a founder and CEO of several startups (including hival and Mount Even), he supports young founders and established entrepreneurs as a sparring partner for business models, innovation management, digitalization and "startup drive".

However, his passion lies in sustainability in all its facets - from concrete product and process innovations (f.e. öKohle and Solentil) to sustainability analyses and sustainable business models (f.e. hival), as well as transformation and green consulting (f.e. Mount Even).

Matti is the initiator of the EcoFounders initiative, which connects startups, scientists, and companies in the Green Economy and develops targeted innovative solutions against climate and environmental change.

Contact: matti.glatte@hival.tech