Hanseatic Academy

Startup ecosystem map

We aim to establish an Excellence Academy for selected educational programs and advanced e-learning.

Our lineup—money laundering prevention, sustainability, financial analytics, and mental health—are entirely different subject areas, but from our perspective, they share an important commonality: they are all complex, economically relevant topics that encompass specific professional profiles yet lack standardized educational norms.

Interface between the Market and Science

The Hanseatic Academy addresses this issue by serving as an institute that supports the transfer of knowledge from the University of Greifswald into the business world. University-affiliated micro-degrees will be placed in relevant market segments to establish an academic quality standard and secure market share.

Symbiosis of Business and Science

As a non-profit limited liability company, selected problem-solving-oriented and challenging educational programs will be developed in collaboration with universities and experts from the business sector. These programs will be offered on a high-performance e-learning platform. Revenues generated will be reinvested in the research and development of further programs, as well as in supporting students who, through their free participation on the platform in the context of educational programs, engage with participants from the business sector.

The Hanseatic Academy is an educational startup from Greifswald that develops educational programs in the form of micro-degrees in fields where an adequate educational standard has not been established. This pursuit is guided by a commitment to excellence, incorporating the involvement of leading experts and professors.

Die Hanseatische Akademie ist ein Education StartUp aus Greifswald und entwickelt Bildungsprogramme in Form von Micro-Degrees in Berufsfeldern, in denen kein ausreichender Bildungsstandard etabliert ist. Dabei wird ein Exzellenz-Gedanke verfolgt, der die Einbindung von führenden Expert:innen und Professor:innen vorsieht.