Certificate of Entrepreneurship

Rocket launch for graduates of our colleges, universities, and vocational schools.

Entrepreneurship and starting a startup isn’t just a real career alternative; it’s also a mindset towards life and work. Those who think disruptively, innovatively, and entrepreneurially are compelling personalities for themselves and potential employers.

Nevertheless, this inspiring mindset requires education and a mindset that must be cultivated.

To provide easy access to the topic and motivate as many individuals as possible to participate, we are piloting the Certificate of Entrepreneurship in collaboration with colleges and universities across the country.

Founder Matti Glatte giving a Workshop

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The format relies on a structured combination of educational institution events (such as entrepreneurship lectures), e-learning modules (covering topics like branding and corporate law), and ecosystem events (such as ideation workshops).

For more information, you can visit entrepreneurship-zertifikat.de (german)