Himmel der Möwen Pitching competition

Two minutes to persuade the audience: In our pitching format, the daring can challenge their rhetoric and pitching skills

Effectively presenting one’s business idea is a challenge for many aspiring entrepreneurs and founders. The combination of regular practice and training (see HOW2GRÜNDEN) provides an excellent opportunity to specifically develop both the pitch itself and rhetoric skills.

The Gründungswerft offers ‘The Seagull’s Sky,’ a standardized pitching format that can be flexibly integrated into events. To encourage integration and interaction, the audience votes by applause. The winning pitch is the one that receives the loudest applause and is awarded a prize.

Are you a sponsor? Get in touch with us if you’d like to sponsor the prize.

Free Pitch and Communication Coaching

Andreas Bornhäußer, with 34 years of experience as a freelance public speaker, coach, and trainer deeply connected to the North German entrepreneurial scene, offers all participants a brief pitch and communication coaching.

Here is his website: https://bornhaeusser-friends.com/



  • A 20-minute segment comprising introduction, execution, voting, and award ceremony.
  • Five two-minute pitches with presentation slides.
  • Iterative voting for the winner based on applause volume.
  • Award ceremony.


  • ‘The Seagull’s Sky’ presentation template.
  • Projector, presentation tools.
  • A moderator.
  • Sponsor for the voucher.
  • Management of participants on the Gründungswerft’s intranet.

Additionally, every participant will be published on himmel-der-moewen.de.