Making the startup scene audible. Together with our strategic partner, Wellenrauschen.mv, we give a voice to the inspiring personalities within our scene.

All members have the opportunity to upload their own podcasts or those recorded about themselves onto our intranet, making them accessible to the wider community. The Founding Shipyard supports in disseminating these podcasts through social media channels (a feature also available on the intranet).

Interested in being part of our podcasts? Just reach out to Hannes Lipka.

Frank Melz (lakör), Hannes Lipka (Gründungswerft) and Oliver Kramer (Wellenrauschen.mv)

We’re creating our podcasts with our partner, Wellenrauschen.mv.


Hannes Lipka

Moderator and Coordinator of the Gründungswerft-Podcasts.

Oliver Kramer

Founder & CEO, Wellenrauschen.mv